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Children's Cupcake Party Kits

Now that autumn is at last here children’s parties have to come inside and entertaining a group of kids for several hours can become a real headache. Do you book a venue (and try to find one that their friends haven’t already discovered for their party) hire a party entertainer and take over the local hall (and draw a deep breath when you see the final bill) or do you summon up the courage to do it yourself?

Our new cupcake party kits help you run a cupcake themed party and occupy the birthday child and friends in decorating their own cupcakes. The feedback from customers has been amazing and they are very popular with all age groups from 5 to 18 (teenage girls love our sophisticated ‘Teens Cupcake Party Kit’!)

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 childrens cupcake party kits

Cupcake Sparklers for Fireworks Night!

These lovely miniature sparklers are perfect for decorating cupcakes for fireworks night - they add a real sparkle to your cupcakes!

If you want to go really crazy try the ice fountains as well!

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 fireworks cupcakes