Cupcake boxes - size guide

box size guide image

Single cupcake boxes

Each of our cupcake boxes description's include the dimensions - width, length and height. To decide which box is suitable for your cakes you will need to measure the widest dimension (the top) of the cake cases which you are using and the height of your cakes and then select the appropriate box size.

We have cupcake boxes starting at 50mm in width for mini cupcakes upto 100mm in width for muffins and lots of different sizes in between.

Inserts for cupcake boxes

The majority of our cupcake boxes also have optional inserts to hold the cupcake in place. The inserts, which are available with purchase of our boxes, are available in the following sizes:

- 55mm (for 55mm and 60mm boxes) - width of hole in the insert: 42mm - suitable for mini cupcakes;

- 70mm | 80mm | 90mm | 100mm - width of hole inside the insert: 58mm.

We also have inserts to fit the cupcake boxes for 2, 4, 6 and 12 cupcakes - full details are included in the product descriptions.

Sample packs of cupcake boxes

Sample packs are available for most of our cupcake boxes. Click here to view our range of sample packs of cupcake boxes.